Christmas and New Year Greetings

26 Dec

We came up to Edinburgh on Friday, 23 December for one week.  The bus turned out to be a non-stop, no refreshment break, nine-hour service.   I was pleased I’d taken a few sandwiches and fruit, but I didn’t end up taking any drinks as my bag was so heavy anyway.  The trip was comfortable though.   I can now understand why tourists travelling in NZ are always so appreciative of the ever-changing scenery back home.  Driving for nine hours the scenery was beautiful but entirely the same all that way!  Gentle rolling hills with sheep and cattle farms or market gardens punctuated by small villages and then bigger towns and cities.  Admittedly, we were on the M1 motorway all the way and maybe that was why the road was gentle as well.  No steep hills, tight corners, or anything to add variety!

Christmas morning started with opening presents, followed by a champagne breakfast of croissants and other pastries then off to Church at Destiny.  No, it has no connection to the Destiny Churches in NZ!  We were reminded of our own church, Gracenet, and enjoyed this Christmas service.  We enjoyed a yummy Christmas dinner that went for HOURS!  Very delicious!   A real English Christmas dinner, stuffed turkey, bread sauce, glazed ham, pigs-in-a-blanket, roast spuds & kumara, brussel sprouts with roasted chestnuts and bacon, fresh beans and carrot & lemon puree.  Oh, and it was all complimented with NZ wines.After learning a few card games in the late afternoon and eating Christmas cake, we went off to another church service, at the Free Church of Scotland.  This church has no musical accompaniment, they only sing psalms and do not celebrate Christmas but once again we found the service rewarding.  It was good to be reminded of how God has blessed us during 2011.  I am constantly amazed to consider that we are walking the streets on the other side of the world!  We have much to be thankful for….  When we returned home we then started eating again!  This time plum pudding, custard (some of us),   and a Dutch Christmas Ring thing that I can’t remember the name of.  All of this delicious food had been prepared from scratch by the four members of this household – Rebecca, Tim, Seth and Esther!  And it was so delicious!

Christmas Dinner, both Seth and Esther are taking photos!

The cooler weather and short days certainly add to the Christmas feast atmosphere.  We looked up the official website to see the day/night lengths, because I thought that the days seemed even shorter in Edinburgh!  And I was right – London sunrise time for Christmas Day was 8.05a.m. with sunset at 3.55p.m. and in Edinburgh it’s sunrise at 8.44a.m.,  sunset at 3.42p.m.  The temperature was an autumnal 13 degrees here, but strong winds made it feel cooler.  No snow at all, everyone kept telling us about last year’s record snow levels instead.  And no sign of the sun.

Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas celebrations with family and friends.  We wish each of you a Happy New Year and may you be granted good health throughout 2012.


One Response to “Christmas and New Year Greetings”

  1. Dick and margaretha December 30, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    Hi Janette and Dennis. Thanks for keeping as up to date with all you are upto and where you are going it is very interesting.A late Merry Christmas and a happy and save New Year may God blees you both at work and travel.I have been on holiday since the 20th of december and don;t go back till the 10th of jan which just happens to be your brithday janette.Here in Nelson we have had a lot of rain 2 weeks ago we had about 300mm of rain fall in 2days which ment flooding and a lot of slips around the hills with a lot of houses moving with the There are about 50 house’s that will need to came down. Rocks Road was closed for 5 days so that ment all the traffic has to come down Waimea road and past our place. We where ok no damage Thank the lord.Have a good time in England and i look forward to your next letter. Love Dick and Margaratha.

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